Are governments really concerned for the impoverished masses?

Are governments really concerned for the impoverished masses?
  • What deviancies have proved unaccepetable to those holding the reigns of power, throughout humanity's troubled history? Whether church or state?
  • How much more evidence is required pertinent to the mismanagement, misgovernance and misdirection of the authors of control, to finally send the whole established order to the dock? (Or do you like politicians who fork out of taxpayers hard-earned dosh for duck ponds?)      DUCKYLINKY   ....or perhaps something a bit more 2018ish? = BONUSLINKY:
  • Is it not easy to see that capitalism has cleaved a deep canyon between the monied and the moneyless? Profit focussed monopolies now focus political policy. How can it that be right that the greatest beneficiaries of a free-market economy, are given the drawstrings of the treasury purse?  
  • The energy available to the average European, or North American, is now many times that which a mighty Pharoh once had at his command. With the power that is currently in your hands, you could wage single combat against the entirety of the ancient world...AND WIN! And yet there are still grave economic and electrical-energy imbalances here and now in the present!


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