When the steady expiring has ebbed its last, as water no longer bubbles to produce steam, as the turbines slow amongst the cooling liquids, what then will be left of man's spurious, plastic world?

And who will be the beneficieries...?

...after nuclear-fission is dead...? ...and nuclear-FUSION is finally given birth...?

fission death

fission death
Nuclear-fission is about to run out. Seams of Uranium have been depleted to a critical stage. Mankind's energy requirements will hit 30 terrawatts per annum within the next few years. Fossil fuels are being phased from tolerance, and from history.

With no extreme-energy source yet available, how will humanity shore-up its huge power demands? And will governments share this bounty with THE REST OF US???

A fusion world?

Is technology really going to be harnessed to save us?

Which systems will bridge the energy divide of the near and distant future?

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Are governments really concerned for the impoverished masses?

Are you voting for a system that hinders equality and fairness, not just in your own country, BUT FOR THE REST OF THE PLANET TOO?

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Do you want to live in a desert?

Because that is the kind of world you will soon face!

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Why should I care? And what's YOUR agenda?

Influence facilitated by action!

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Our movement is for the sharing of the bounties of nuclear-fusion, as it comes onstream...

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The solution?

With Free4AllFusion at our fingertips we can:

-create oasis anywhere of our choosing -establish agriculture in the most unlikely of places -keep the lights on 24/7 -generate electricity that is too cheap to meter -free up time so that NO ONE is forced to scavange for food or water -allow the animal kingdom we have so marginalized fair space to prosper, without placing unmerited pressures on the environment -exert a culture of necessitated provision as the inalienable right of each and every citizen on planet Earth, and break the bonds of greed that have brought about resentment, war and corruption, thereby shackling us to the errors and catastrophes of the past.........!


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