Do you want to live in a desert?

Do you want to live in a desert?

Everybody knows life cannot exist without water. The disparity between those parts of Earth that recieve plently, and those that receive next to none, are exaccerbated by that tedious, hackneyed phenomenon known as Global Warming. It bores you, right? You cannot get it out of your ears, no?! Just about every time you turn on a screen there's some reference to it. Some repetitive commentary down-dummed to dull your brain to semi-concious, as you filter out even the most salient points of interviews and TV coverage, such are the media standards of the day. Well, we won't test you patience with a science lesson here!

However, everybody also knows that without action, and the energy to sustain that action, the ecologies of the planet will melt through the very sands the onset of this thirst will create. Impossible to live without sustenance, marginalised people and wildlife alike, will seek to exploit new habitable niches, exaccerbating already existing pressures as too many players bargain for too little space and resources. 

A change of approach will not be initiated by governments, which are inherently self-preserving (just as capitalism is inherently anti-ecological), and infamously ineffectual when dealing with local needs that have not been delineated for championing in their clunky, intransigent manifestoes.

But there is hope! We just need to grasp the initiative. Our movement NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to force the hand of those in authority to address, as fundamental to the necessary adaptions to our changing climate, the devastating energy deficiencies across the globe. And with nuclear-fusion working to resource global needs, the rains will allows come, the deserts will always flower, the animals will continue to graze and prosper, the hungry will be fed, the thirsty will have access to clean water, and climate change will not kill off those living in hot countries BY THEIR MILLIONS! 


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