Why should I care? And what's YOUR agenda?

Why should I care? And what's YOUR agenda?

Our agenda is to try to influence mankind to do the ground work in preparation of the advent of nuclear-fusion, the most advanced eco-technology known, when it finally comes on stream. And it WILL! Don't be in any doubt about that! There is a lot of weight behind its fruition, and some nuclear-fusion tests have already achieved 'parity'; which is to say they get as much energy out these reactions, as they put in. But we won't have to wait long before they are 'profitable'!

Our agenda is for the establishment of strong precedents for the governance of this potential well-spring of energy, not only for the preservance of our species, with particular regard to the onset of climate change, but for all the creatures with whom we share this planet, and put to bed for good and all the attitude of the high and mighty who think they can squander resources, as though one country wasn't inseparably joined at the hip to every other. THEY ARE! And the world is getting smaller and more crowded by the second!

Such thinking shouldn't simply be the preserve of anarchists (ground-up order and control...NOT chaos [or illegality], and most certainly NOT violence!) like ourselves, but for ALL who enjoy the occasional view of the horizon, whilst wishing to keep their perspectives within the constraints of the present, but with an eye to the possiblities of the future, that they may share in these promised bounties of techology, both for themselves and their children's children, and be assured they are inextricably linked to the decisions made by governments, industries, corporations, and all those who presume to act on our supposed behalf, but with a strong sense of moral purpose AND DIRECTION!

TyGGa (author of 'The Stellar Crib', an allegory on governmental mishandling of resources)


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